Blazon Pro AFAS

Automatic Flight Announcement System | AFAS

Automatic announcements systems are a necessity for today’s high intensity airport environments. It is an expeditious method to communicate with people present on the airport. Using automatic announcement, audible messages can be relayed to people all around the airport at the right time & right place.

BlazonPro AFAS is a comprehensive, amenable & robust automatic flight announcement system to deliver audible communication. Passengers & other airport & airline staff get the relevant information on time wherever they are- whether at the baggage claims, escalators or any other public area. It can be used for automatic announcement of information about scheduled/non –scheduled arrival & departure of flights., security check in or any other announcements.

It can work in three modes:

  • Fully automatic announcement mode- no user intervention required, takes input from ATC or FIDS
  • Semi-automatic mode- the operator makes amendment to the queued message after receiving the information from the ATC or FIDS & then sends it out for announcement
  • Manual mode-the operator strings the messages from the AAS terminal then sends it out for announcement

Key Features

  • Time zone based communication
  • Automated pre boarding &boarding announcements
  • Simultaneous audio visual presentation
  • Emergency messaging & notifications
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Support for system redundancy