Blazon Pro FIDS

Flight Information Display System | FIDS

With the ever increasing passenger traffic at the airports, a flight information display system is an essential part of any airport system. FIDS helps in timely & accurate dissemination of information to passengers, airport operational staff & all airlines staff.

Blazon Pro FIDS is an easy to use flexible, expansible & robust flight information display system that helps airport to display passenger information, flight information, baggage belt information, check-in counter ,boarding gate information etc.


  • Gate Information Module to display gate number assigned for boarding the Flight
  • Baggage Belt Module to display baggage belt number assigned to a flight
  • Advertising Module to embed advertisements / digital media into Information Display screens
  • Instant Messaging Module to create and display visual messages on any designated screen in the system
  • Mediation Module to help interface with outside data source or third-party supplied system , API's to interface with other airport systems and applications including AODB
  • Display Designer's Module allows users to create various screen layouts using page design templates