Blazon Pro PIDS

Passenger Information Display System | PIDS

Blazon Pro Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) a product designed to enhance passengers’ metro / rail travel experience by providing a wide array of information catering to all walks of transit passengers.

The technology delivers real-time information updates and offers a variety of valuable information in text graphic & video formats on trains as well as in stations.

Key Features

  • Manageable from Operations Control Center (OCC) or Station Display Terminal
  • Send messages from OCC to stations
  • OCC can send pre-defined messages or real time instant messages to displays at stations
  • Facility to switch from auto to manual mode
  • Supports both LED / LCD display systems for Concourse/ Entry/ Exit and for Platforms
  • Can be interfaced with the metro signaling system
  • Supports open architecture
  • Interface protocols: TCP/IP, SPX / IPX (Novell), Ethernet, Tetra, GSM-R etc.
  • Language support based on UNICODE Standard
  • Text messages and graphics synchronization with train location