Blazon Pro PAS

Passenger Announcement System | PAS

Passenger announcements systems are essential for high traffic volume places like metro, railway stations, where audible messages need to be played repeatedly. Automated announcements help to communicate with people in different parts of the stations accurately & quickly.

BlazonPro PAS is a highly scalable system for automated audible communication with high availability. Automated announcements help in flow of information instantaneously.

It can work in three modes:

  • Fully automatic announcement mode- no user intervention required, takes input from ATS or PIDS
  • Semi-automatic mode- the operator makes amendment to the queued message after receiving the information from the ATS or PIDS system & then sends it out for announcement
  • Manual mode-the operator strings the messages from the AAS terminal then sends it out for announcement

Key Benefits

  • Multiple simultaneous announcements helps in zone based communication
  • Timely flow of information to people helps in overall customer satisfaction
  • Empower organizations to communicate with people in multiple languages
  • Ensures optimum uptime through hardware, software redundancy & 24x7 support
  • Integration with emergency systems helps in mass alerts & messaging