Blazon Pro IDS

WALLBOARD | Information Display System

In today's digital world, information flow in any organization or building has to be as fast as possible. Information display systems can help in this regard by displaying accurate information at the right time & place.

Blazon Pro IDS is an easy to use advanced & robust information display system that helps organizations for timely display of information. Especially useful for industries like transportation, education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, BPO's & the financial sector.


  • Critical information module to display relevant information
  • Advertising module to embed advertisements/ digital media into Information Display screens
  • Instant messaging module to create and display visual messages on any designated screen in the system
  • Mediation Module to help interface with outside data source or third-party supplied system. API’s are available to interface with other systems and applications
  • Display Designer’s Module allows users to create various screen layouts and use them as required from time to time, including split screen. It allows users to choose from page design templates